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i once knew a woman from boobville

who was absolutely shite at writing limericks

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tatty bojangles
29 September 1977
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What you need to know about me:

-- I'm a stereotypical little blond six-year-old girl sporting pigtails and dressed all in pink, but in the body of a bottle-redheaded thirty-two-year-old loser who wears too much black.

-- If you've been on Supernatural and have a dick, there's a ninety percent chance I find you hot. And the dick is debatable.

-- I write. It's the only thing I'm any good at, other than completely fucking up any given car's internal organs by just looking at it.

-- I have a cat, two chinchillas, live alone, and snark a lot. It's possible I'm really a comic strip character.

-- I ask for a pony a lot. Don't actually buy me a pony. It's a joke. (Also, I can't have a pony in my apartment.)

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